Database Administrator

Support to develop and maintain MS SQL Databases and Data Warehouse within De Heus applications as well as Support to manage and ensure that all databases are highly available, with proper backup & recovery strategy


Full time

Bachelor or equivalent

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Database Administrator



• Support to administering MS SQL Server 2014 and higher version

• Support to install, maintain & monitor MS SQL Server instances

• Support to managing system/database security

• Support to configure and maintain database backups strategy & disaster recovery

• Implement and manage high availability solutions (database replication, database mirroring, log shipping)

• Optimize database performance (optimizing queries, database tuning)

• Provide troubleshooting & technical service desk requirements

• Support to ensure effective support is in place for all aspects of the database management

• Support to ensure incident management protocols and process are effectively and consistently followed

• Support to ensure required high availability of MS Database

• Support to ensure existing database supports for business requirements

• Support to ensure high quality on time completion of all database projects

• Support to ensure proactive planning to ensure database effectively supports De Heus growth and business goals and objectives

• Automating administrative tasks (Integration Services)

• Database programming (triggers, procedures, functions)

• Create reports with Crystal Reports and Reporting Services,

• Good knowledge about ERP, DW & LAA

• Manage access and security

• Implement required reports


• Ensure system can work smoothly

• Guarantee database highly available, file backup always ready for restoring task.

• Provide right access to De Heus systems


Job Requirements:

• Bachelor degree or equivalent in related system database areas

• Minimum 2 – 5 years experience in successfully supporting/managing database in a multinational organization

• Strong understanding of database structures, theories, principles, and practices

• Working technical experience with designing, building, installing, configuring, and supporting database servers, particularly Microsoft SQL Server.

• Familiarity with SQL query nomenclature and fundamentals.

• Experience with Visual Studio and/or SSIS is a plus

• MCDBA certification is a plus

• Hands-on database tuning and troubleshooting experience.

• Good verbal and written communication skills (reading, writing, listening, oral, presentation)

• Proficiency in English.

• Effective communication in Vietnamese

• Problem-solving and good analytical skills

• Communication, teamwork and negotiation skills

• Self-motivated; Proven record for actively soliciting feedback, continuous learning and self-development.

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